Why do these people look so happy?

They learned how to not get scammed! Be watching for videos & tips on protecting yourself and your loved ones against Medicare Fraud & Abuse! During the week of the June 5th to June 11th we will be posting blog posts with these tips and videos! Come back to find out more! 

Please check out the first video we'd like to share in respect to Medicare Fraud Prevention Week! Copy the following link for a Youtube video teaching you and your loved ones how to avoid fruad, scams, and abuse!


For more information contact your local SMP at the Colorado Senior Medicare Patrol at 800-503-5190.

For the San Luis Valley area contact Michelle Phillips SHIP/SMP coordinator at South-Central Colorado Seniors Inc., your local Area Agency on Aging.

Call 719-589-4511 or visit our website www.slvaaa.org

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